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"Founded in 1990 Icarus Bungee has the experience to run a safe and efficient operation, we have a perfect safety record with no accidents or injuries."


Icarus Bungee is closed UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

I'm taking a break from jumping for a few years in order to spend time with my children before they become teenagers and no longer want to spend time with Dad. I tried taking them on a few of my Bungee Jumps, but even on the easiest bridges the environment is not safe for young children without constant supervision. My children are 9 and 8 respectively, so I'm looking at least a five year break.

I am also considering selling the business. I will still be available for equipment construction & design, consulting and stunt work for events and video production.

I love Bungee Jumping and have been jumping for thirty years as of last November. So it is not easy for me to give up what has been a part of my life for so long.

 Daniel Roza


Icarus Bungee coordinates legal bungee jumping within a five hour drive of the San Francisco bay area.   A bungee jumping expedition includes instruction, equipment and supervision of the jumps from different bridge sites located in Northern California.

Bridge Locations:
There are 14 different bridges in Northern California that Icarus Bungee jumps from.

  • The bridge locations are within a five hour drive of San Francisco. Be prepared to drive the maximum distance. (The closest bridge to San Francisco is 2 1/2 hours drive.)

  • Locations vary because of changing conditions. Roads are affected by river & lake flooding, severe weather, mudslides, landslides, snow, forest fires, logging & mining operations. Because conditions can change rapidly (especially during winter months), the location will not be selected until the Wednesday before the jump.

  • The heights vary from a minimum of 100' (33 m) to 270' (82 m)
    Due to wet or dry years some bridges are not available every year.

  • Directions to the location will be sent to the group organizer the Wednesday evening before the scheduled jump. Please do not ask where the bridge location will be prior to the scheduled send date, you will not be told. Bridge locations are a carefully guarded trade secret. Please be discrete about giving the location to anyone after receipt.

  • Icarus Bungee respects private property and does not jump from privately owned bridges without permission. Government owned bridges are the common property of all citizens and are thus fair game. Discretion & Jumping early in the morning avoids the problems of disrupting traffic or creating a public nuisance with spectators.

Jumping Days:  Icarus Bungee will book individuals and groups for jumping on scheduled expeditions. There will be at least one scheduled expedition per Month. Jumps will be executed in the very early morning (Sunrise) or on the rare occasional evening. To reserve a place on an expedition please email:

Next Jump Dates,

Icarus Bungee is closed UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

I will still be available for equipment construction & design, consulting and stunt work for events and video production.

Please email to sign up.

(Please read Bridge Locations above.)

Special Trips: Special trips are expeditions to bridges that may be out of state and are unusually high. (300'+)
Special Trips are not recommended for the novice jumper and are more costly.

Age:  If you are under 18 years old your Parent or Legal Guardian must sign a parental consent form to jump with Icarus Bungee.  All jumpers will be required to sign a release form before jumping can begin. 

Weight:  If a jumper's weight is in doubt, he/she will be weighed on our scales.  Weight is a safety matter that Icarus Bungee takes very seriously.  A jumper's weight determines the number of cords to be used.  We have a limit of 250 lbs. 

Group Size: (1-15) We prefer to jump about ten people in a three hour time block.

Group Organizer: All groups should have one individual who is designated as the Group Organizer, It is then the responsibility of the organizer to pass along information to other members of the group. The group organizer will also be responsible for collecting money from all the members of the group and making payments to Icarus Bungee.

Reservations: All trips require advance reservations. Full payment is non-refundable when within two weeks of the jump date. When planning a bungee jumping trip we recommend that you make payments only after collecting payment from each member of your group.

Discounts: The group organizer bungee jumps free when the group consists of five or more people in addition to yourself. Individual members or veterans of the Military, Police, Firemen and Paramedics (active duty, reserve or retired) may receive an additional ten dollar discount. Military Members being or been deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq may jump for free on a space available basis. (Call and find out schedule.) Must bring copy of orders for free jump.

Cost:  The cost is $139.00 for two jumps per person, unless a discount applies. Jumps may not be split between customers.
"Special Trips" will cost more
due to increased travel distance and higher equipment costs for taller bridges. The cost will vary for each special trip.

Payments:  Final payment is due Monday before actual bungee jump. We accept payment by PayPal or credit card through PayPal. To make Credit Card or PayPal payment click the button below.

Cancellations and Refunds:  Advance payments are refundable up to two weeks prior to the jump. Prior to two weeks before the jump date a $25.00 cancellation fee will subtracted for each jumper from refunds. Payments are not refundable for cancellations within two weeks of the jump date or no-shows. If there are any changes in group size the group organizer must email. Rain checks will only be offered when Icarus Bungee calls jumps off due to severe weather conditions.

Barter and Alternate Payment:  Got something to trade? Icarus Bungee will consider trade of services or goods. email what you'd like to trade. We also accept Liberty Dollars and precious metal coins.


Once in a life time offer:
Are you web designer? As you can see from my webpage it needs some work. I spend most of my time building and designing the best Bungee Equipment made anywhere. That and working in my normal profession of civil engineering and raising two young children with my wife. I just don't have time to build a new webpage. I am not interested having a crappy pre-fab wix or go-daddy type page, If you are not a professional web designer do not waste my time. I don't want a bunch of stupid trackers and scripts embedded into my page. Here's the offer. Lifetime free jumping for one web designer as long as you provide periodic maintenance on the webpage.




Northern California

$139.00 for two jumps per person

Icarus Bungee
1415 Webster Street, Unit 801,
Alameda, Ca 94501-8801
Phone:  510-521-5867



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Visit us for Bungee jumping in Northern California, Bay Area bridge bungee jumping , bungee instruction in Northern California, California group bungee jumping, Icarus Bungee.